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domingo, 17 de outubro de 2010

Day 2- Dances of Central Asia and Silk road- Belly Dance

After two days without dancing more than twenty minutes each day, and having Tom and Luca with us, taking them to two birthday parties and a camping party at their school, I was wondering when I could have time to dance. Today, I finally found a whole hour and a half, and I practiced the new belly dance veil choreography Arabic modern Egypcian style and rhythm that reminds me of the One Thousand and One nights, because it is so mysterious, romantic and burlesque! I am wearing a top and a belt with a check embroidery blue shot sequins on white fabric and a breezy white silk skirt, and a blue shot silk veil! Beautiful!
I also enjoyed other 8 belly dance songs, with more shimmies and undulations.

I should confess that it was not easy to start to dance again after a long week and weekend with the boys adding work and house renovation! But a promise is a promise! I need to find that special place in me to reconnect with the great spirit of the dance. Shiva maybe!
Maybe Sherazade will keep me telling me 1001 stories to distract me, and not let me kill my dance spirit.

I am asking the Universe to send me force, all dancers of the world, and the guardians of all dances of the world to offer me space and time, even when these can be scarce, may I find serene mind and inspiration to dance and collect a year round dances of the world.
Salom and Namãz Burdan
may you all be blessed with long-lived dance!

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