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sábado, 23 de outubro de 2010

Day 6- Dances of Central Asia and Silk road- Persian dance Azzizan by Laurel Victoria Grey

After a long day with the boys, and taking care of the renovation together with Andrew, I was able to squeeze my first recording of the choreograph of the Enchanted Bird Song, and according to Andrew, it is very loving. I promise to upload this choreograph to the youtube when is ready ( in two weeks I hope), I will draw the figurine too.

For more inspiration, I found this dance from the Silk Road Dance Company, called Azzizan. This is a beautiful dance that reminds me of elegant and colorful birds, in fact as the video explains the garment is inspired by Persian Saffavid miniature. The dancers are wearing flowing silk veils, which typifies a kind of Persian style of dance called Azeri.

Azzizan: "Don't grieve, my love, for life is beautiful. Don't be treacherous with anyone, for the world has many colors.

Choreography and costumes: Laurel Victoria Gray"

In the next posting I will bring some information on the "Silk Road" history, because I cannot live without a good foundation of historical context in my research.  Alas, my ethnography of the silk road is quite short and very limited, as I have never been in person to the region where once the main route of commerce during the Ancient and Medieval periods happened until the first Spaniard, Italian and Portuguese navigators discovered a long but direct rout to the Chinese and Indian markets.

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