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quinta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2010

Day 5- Dances of Central Asia and Silk road- belly Dance and Uyghur Dance from China

I don’t have anything to report on dancing on my 5th day of glocaldancing. I noticed that Tuesdays are quite difficult for me, because it is the day I teach at the UC Brasilia the whole day, from 8am-6pm, with a short interval during lunch time. It is pretty intense day, both mental and physically, because of the long commute and car riding. I hate driving long distances to work, it is tense and hard on the body. I do need to relax as I do it, because there is no other way around for now. Then trying to write something new and meaningful on this blog after researching and then trying out a new dance can be quite a challenge after a long day @work.
So we will make a deal: every Tuesday I have to teach long hours, I will write on Wednesday or Thursday, and promise to keep learning new dances according to the number of days I did not write on this blog. Just reporting that today I was practicing the Modern style Belly dance Titi has choreographed, but I am now feeling a strong connection with the Uyghr dance and the bird dance. I will finish my new piece, and make a recording of it.
I am doing this blog to keep me sane. And it is bringing a great sense of serenity already in this first week, with the support of good friends , it is bringing to me inner confidence I can do it and it is worth. Creating this blog has brought new meaning to my life, it is healing for me and want to offer and share this experience with others who want to learn about ancient cultures and their incredible living heritage in the present. When I dance I feel this incredible connection with Life Force and Creation. In the I Ching, it would be the trigram number 1: Creation.  It might sound so cliche but I feel one with the Universe creative force when I dance, One with the powerful beings!
A vegetable part of me blossoms and invites a new creative pollen to spread and an animal part of me hunts for new movements and precision.  I love to research old and new dances, and then find new vocabularies and phrases in the old and ancient dances: choreography is a process of learning how to speak the dance languages. Like writing poetry, choreography finds rhymes with rhythms,  our body is a giant pen writing swirls and invisible lines in the space, and charges with emotion our hearts while silences our thoughts with music. The same comparison can be with painting, as dance can create a whole scenery,  a whole story with nuances of colors and movements and depth of interpretation. The artist who dances gives a lot of energy!

The depth of movement is important. For example, the bird song translates a photograph of a hybrid nature of wires and birds. More pictures and change of birds flying from and landing on the wires, a sequence would give depth and variation in the music.  what the artist can see  and feel, he translates into beautiful orchestration of musical instruments, into harmony. This choreograph speaks to this embodied response of the image and the sound of image, not as a reflection of this image but as a translation of feelings: from wires and birds to lovers waiting to make love, for example, to people on trains, airplanes or boats, etc. etc.

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