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quinta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2010

Day 1- Dances of Central Asia and Silk road- Belly Dance

Since I came back to Brazil, I am slowly returning and learning about this universe of dances and movements.

Many times I wonder about how belly dancers can create such amazing undulations in their bodies, and make all that shimmy movements with grace and a beautiful smile in their faces. All is illuminated! It is just amazing what a human body can do when a drum, a flute, a violin and cymbals play altogether. Her body lets out her inner ocean waves, wind flurry and flame energy. Her earthly strength, bones and muscles melt as she dances derbak, sairi, ayub, maksoum, and many other styles of Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish, Moroccan and Tribal belly dance. The silk road is there still in the waves of the internet, from many virtual deserts of the Central Asia, guarded by beautiful dancers of fertility force and goddess culture.

Well, today I am dancing an ayub song that is choreographed by Titi, my belly dance instructor at Ayuni dance school!

I will show you the whole choregraphy when is done!

Un baccio


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